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Historic Recording Studio for Lease

control room console

This studio has produced some of the finest music since the 70's, from "Neil Young" to "Metallica"....and everything in between!

entrance with gold records
soound room

Approximately 7200 sq.ft. with:

  • Large sound room 40'x50' w/25' ceiling
  • Vintage control room 26'x20'
  • Echo room, machine room, 2 amp rooms
  • 2 Lounge rooms, kitchen, arcade room, and reception area
  • Ample parking


kitchen for recording studio
Lounge #2 for recording studio
Lounge #2
Lounge #1 for recording studio
Lounge #1
Arcade room for recording studio
Arcade room

For further information or to set up an appointment to view this property please contact:
Bruce Stratton


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